Sun Pacific College | Cairns

Message from the Director

After completing my education in Japan, I embarked on a decade of backpacking adventures around the world. I set out without any English, but I studied during my travels. I lived and worked in many different places meeting people from all over the world. They helped me in so many ways, providing meals or shelter and the warmth of friendship. When I close my eyes I can still see all their smiles.

It’s commonly said that “People cannot live alone”. Making friends and building relationships brings happiness and gives life its richness. English is the language that makes it possible for us to communicate with so many people, all over the world.

Sun Pacific College is waiting for you with a successful English language program run by professional teachers. There are also a variety of facilities, both academic and sporting, to support your life and exercise, all set in a quiet suburb called Kewarra Beach, surrounded by tropical nature.

Sun Pacific College attracts many diligent students who share a love for nature, for sports and for meeting people. They overcome the difficulties of language and varying backgrounds to enjoy their life here. They share their experiences with their new friends, they go to the beaches, explore the mountains, and shop in the city of Cairns. And they live together in our dormitory, or stay with a local host family in Kewarra Beach. And their experience shapes their world view, and their sense of value.

We will keep working hard to make Sun Pacific College a better learning environment, providing students with high quality education, and a safe overseas haven. I sincerely hope that your study here will be successful, and your life becomes enriched through your experiences with us.



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