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Study Tours


SPC English Brochure Junior Program Handbook 2015 (Japanese)



Unique and Life-Changing

Study Tours are exciting opportunities for young students from around the world to enjoy a unique (and possibly life-changing) experience in another country.

Sun Pacific College organizes many types of Study tours for students from many different parts of the world. We have been doing this for many years and we have improved our product based on this experience.

We will design your personalized tour based on your specific requirements. Some things you might consider are:

-  How much English study time should be included?

-  Which activities should be included?

-  Do you want any excursions?

-  Is the homestay single or double placement?

-  Which time of the year are you planning? 

-  Are the students prepared for an English Only environment?



Some benefits of joining our Study Tour Program 

- Safe, Tropical Location - Rainforests, Great Barrier Reef, Unique wildlife

- Quality English Programs

- Local Neighbourhood - wonderful host families, laid-back Australian lifestyle

- On campus sports and recreation 

- Walk to the beach for activities

- Close connections with local schools - immersion & buddy programs 

- Dedicated and caring staff