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Homestays for adults

Homestay is a great way to improve English and to get to know Australian culture by living with local Australian families. Host families of Sun Pacific College are generous, kind and always welcoming to our students.

Many host families live close to Sun Pacific College, either in bicycle distance and even walking distance. Our families are aware of our homestay rules of hosting one nationality host student in one family. Sun Pacific College staff visit and inspect host families regularly so that they can offer the safest and best homestay experience.

However please understand that characters and rules are all different dependent on their cultures, backgrounds and life styles, and they are so special for each student.

Sun Pacific College will make arrangments for matching up with suitable host families and will support students throughout their stay.

Sun Pacific College believes the relationship between student and host family will last long after the student has left the host family’s house. This will be a great opportunity for students to have another family in Australia!



Homestay over 18

Meals provided:

16 meals (Breakfast and Dinner on weekdays / Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on weekends)

For weekday lunch (ie. when you are at college)

You have three options:

1. Bring a packed lunch prepared at your homestay;

2. Have the Sun Pacific College lunch for $20/week; or

3. Prepare some lunch in the student kitchen.

Daily Transfer to school is not included



Homestay under 18

Meals provided

21 meals (3 meals every day including packed lunch on weekdays)

Daily transfer

This is arranged for all students




Lots of opportunities to speak English

Experience Australian culture and lifestyle

One nationality host student in one family

Safety is always the highest priority of the stays we arrange for students.

Homestays are near the campus and include a private room with no other students from same country in the house.