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Full Immersion General English

Full Immersion General English (for the serious, long-term student)

Cricos Code: 076511D

Students want to study English for many reasons, for example to travel in English-speaking countries, to improve work prospects, to make new friends or to enjoy the challenges of living in a new culture. The Full Immersions General English course is designed to meet all these needs and to help students improve their English skills for effective communication in our world.

The course focusses on all the skills: listening, Speaking reading and Writing. Students are tested on arrival, and are placed into classes according to their level.

          25 hours per week (Start at 8:30 a.m., Finish at 15:00 p.m.)



Key Benefits:

- Elective Classes (TOEIC, IELTS, Skills for Fluency)

- Free TOEIC Test

- Rapid progress in an English only environment

- Develop confidence to use English in all skills

- Improved Listening skills

- Extend vocabulary and expressions

- Enjoy learning in a unique, tropical location with new friends



Course Outline:

25 hours per week (Start at 8:30 a.m., Finish at 15:00 p.m.)

- All levels from Beginner to Advanced

- Average 12 students in one class (18 maximum)

- Students can upgrade to Full Immersion by adding skills class

- Start every Monday (except for Public holidays)

- English 24/7



Elective Classes

The Full immersion course includes skills for you needs. Choose from:

- Skills for Fluency

- TOEIC Preparation and Business English

- IELTS Preparation and Academic English

- Progress Assessment



What is your English Level? 

- Everyone progresses at a different pace. That is why we have Tests are every 4-6 weeks. Students who get recommendations from teachers can take tests as needed.

- Students write in their journals every day. This writing is checked by teachers

- Progress assessment tests (Review tests. not compulsory) every Friday or Monday

- Addition study materials available in the Self Study Center

- Lots of homework because many students live on campus or homestay family near by