Sun Pacific College | Cairns

Level Check Test

If you wish to enroll in a course or program that requires pre-requisite English competency, please do this Level Check Test. We will mark the test and let you know if you qualify for the course or program you wish to enroll in.


1. Do not use any dictionaries or reference books while you are doing the test. If you do not follow this instruction, we will not be able to assess your English level precisely. After you have started your course, if the result of this online Level Check Test does not seem to match your actual English level, we may ask you to sit the Level Check Test again under our supervision, in which case, the result of the second Level Check Test will precede that of this online Level Check Test.

2. The amount of time you can use for each skill is as follows:

   Grammar Test: Max 50 minutes
   Writing Test: Max 10 minutes
   Reading Test: Max 10 minutes
   Listening Test: Max 15 minutes*

*There are 2 stories recorded in the voice data. You need to listen to the first story only. You can listen to the story twice consecutively or with an interval.

3. You are required to do all the 4 tests (Grammar, Writing, Reading and Listening). Otherwise, we will not assess your English level.

Click the link below to start each test:

Grammar Test
Writing Test
Reading Test
Listening Test

After clicking Listening Test, if you see a prompt asking you if you want to open or save listening-test.m4a from, choose “Open”.