Sun Pacific College | Cairns


We care about you

- Multilingual Staff available for advice, accommodation needs, cultural issues, concerns and support

- Educational Counseling for entering local schools, universities, TAFE and colleges

- Homestay advice  


- Job workshops, Writing resume in English, preparing for interviews and employment advice

- 24h support for emergencies



We care about your health and fitness

- Fishing and Shellfish gathering

- Swimming lessons or just enjoy the pool

- Outdoor BBQ in the campus or at the beach

- Community events (Yoga, Zumba, etc.)

- School Championships (Basketball/Tennis/ Iron man/woman)

- Arranging volunteer works

- Practice golf on campus

- Discounts for students for tours in Cairns. 



We care about your English learning.

If you live on campus there is a free English class in the evening

Everything we do will help you learn more quickly. We are all professional experienced teachers of English and we are very good at it. We have made the rules to help everybody learn English more efficiently and more rapidly. 

On the campus you must use English at all timesWhy practice your own language when you can practice English and improve more quickly. 

You must keep a journal. In the journal you keep a written record of your activities.
This gives you the opportunity to write about what happened outside the clasroom. Fill it with your own ideas, activities and events.

Assignments and homework help you to take your English into the real world. Work with other students to practise what you have learned.

ReadingYour reading skills are very important.There is a wide selection of books to suit all levels. They help you practice the vocabulary and grammar that you know and they are interesting.  You can read a lot more quickly than you can listen.